Micro Enterprise Cyber Security

Upskilling non-IT staff in small businesses and organizations confronted with increasing digitalization.

Bridging the gap in cybersecurity awareness and competence among non-IT staff in small businesses.

Target Group

Target Group

Project Description

The MECyS (Micro and Small Enterprises Cybersecurity) project is dedicated to creating training concepts, tools, and materials designed to upskill non-IT staff within Micro and Small Enterprises in the realm of cybersecurity and data protection.


Our Mission

We recognize that smaller businesses face increased vulnerability to cyber threats due to limited resources and less comprehensive security practices. Key among these challenges is the lack of employee training and IT security strategies. MECyS emphasizes the importance of developing basic competencies among employees through systematic vocational training and ongoing education.

Our Collaborative Effort MECyS is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union, bringing together partners from Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Switzerland. Our journey commenced in January 2023 and will continue until April 2025.



  • 01Project Management
  • 02Backgrounds & Training Plan
  • 03Training Prototypes
  • 04Exploitation & Dissemination


MECyS aims to elevate cybersecurity competencies among non-IT staff in small businesses and organizations navigating an era of digital transformation. By offering training resources, tools, and courses, our project strives to enhance awareness, knowledge, and skills related to cybersecurity, resulting in improved data protection practices and a heightened understanding of cybersecurity risks.

Our mission also extends to promoting robust data protection practices within small businesses and organizations. We provide tools and approaches that facilitate compliance with data protection regulations, thereby increasing data security and reducing the risk of breaches. Active engagement of our target audience is pivotal for the success of MECyS.

We recognize the importance of understanding the unique needs, challenges, and perspectives of our target audience. This approach ensures that our project's outputs and interventions are practical, relevant, and tailored to the specific requirements of non-IT staff in small businesses and organizations. Additionally, active involvement of our target audience enables co-creation of training resources, guaranteeing their practicality, relevance, and user-friendliness.