Research on Learning Hurdles in Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Discover the in-depth findings and valuable insights from the MECyS project's research efforts. Our comprehensive analysis, which combines a literature review and focus group interviews, explores the challenges and obstacles faced in learning about cybersecurity and data protection. Dive into the specifics of our report as we identify both general learning hurdles and those specific to our target audience. Through this analysis, we provide a deeper understanding of the barriers that hinder effective learning in this domain.


Vocational Education in Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Explore the strategic approach outlined in our Training Plan. This plan takes into account the diverse national vocational education and training (VET) systems and provides a comprehensive framework for integrating cybersecurity and data protection training. It serves as a roadmap for implementing effective and tailored training programs, fostering the development of cybers security competences among non-IT staff in small businesses and organizations. Learn how our strategies contribute to upskilling and enhancing digital resilience.


Interactive Learning Resources

Discover our interactive and reusable educational resources designed to promote hands-on, experiential learning. These tools support both self-directed learning and use in training courses. We ensure that these resources have a clear and structured format, allowing learners to navigate through the content effectively. Moreover, they are available in the national languages of our partner countries to cater to specific national conditions and cyber security needs of small businesses in each country.


Customized Training Plans

Learn about the training prototypes within the MECyS project, designed to develop and refine cybersecurity curriculum and syllabi tailored to the unique needs of our target groups. These plans encompass key components and address specific contexts and challenges faced in each partner country. This customization ensures a more relevant and impactful training experience, addressing the specific cybersecurity concerns and practices within each country.


Practical Implementation

Explore how the MECyS project is putting theory into practice. Our training prototypes serve as practical models tested, evaluated, and refined based on feedback from participants and training staff across partner countries. By implementing these cyber security training prototypes and conducting evaluations in diverse contexts, including small businesses, we ensure adaptability, relevance, and responsiveness to various needs. This implementation process identifies areas for improvement, enhancing the overall learning experience.